Jewellers’ block

Our company is one of the most experienced in Italy in the jewellery field.
From the pre-risk survey to the final settlement of the loss, having intimate knowledge of the sector, we survey jewellery retail shops, wholesalers and factories by suggesting which security improvements to adopt in order to reduce the risks.

We cope with all kind of claims, dealing with the most varied situations: from theft to burglary from robbery to smash and grab from mysterious disappearance to sleight-of-hand.

We offer prompt and professional adjusting services. Our on-the-spot enquiries help us to reconstruct the events, by ascertaining all the circumstances of the loss.

Our staff cooperates with jewellery experts and specialised lawyers, thus providing skill, experience and discretion.
We can attend any other aspects of this sector, from investigations to recovery actions, from revision of the wording to statistic reports as regards the level of crime in Italy.

Finally, considering that in the past Mr Nicola Oliva was enlisted in the Antiterrorism department of the State Police Force, we have close working relationships with the Police Authorities.

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