Fine Art

We offer our experience to deal with losses concerning fine art, such us paintings, books, carpets, vases, sculptures, antiques, private collections, fairs, museums, private dwellings. Art experts assist us and our Special Investigation office works with any insurance discipline where fraud is an issue.

Our proactive services promote effective claim settlements while protecting through fraud detection and prevention.
We have a special internal office for the insurance investigations with official correspondents all over the world; we also have an office based in Milan that carries out investigations in all other fields.

Considering that in the past Mr Nicola Oliva was enlisted in the Antiterrorism department of the State Police Force, we can rely on a very close relationship with the Police Authorities thanks to which we have managed to obtain very good results in the recovery of stolen properties.

We can offer consulting for the revision of the wording and statistic reports on the level of crime in Italy in this sector.

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