Cash in transit

We believe that it would be difficult in Italy to find a loss adjusting company with more experience than ours in this field.

We handle both the pre-risk surveys and the loss adjustments for every claim concerning cash in transit for the most important Italian security guarding companies and Banks. In particular cash counting losses, mysterious disappearance, theft and robbery, misappropriation, transit losses, infidelity, fraud.

Our staff guarantees prompt intervention at the place of the loss in order to reconstruct the dynamics of the loss, to take photos, to interview the witnesses and to carry out any measures necessary to save any proof and to secure the salvaged goods.

We care about every aspect, from investigations (in particular examining the company´s accounts or checking stock records to confirm the existence of goods for which the claim is being made and more if fraud is suspected) to any actions the claimant should take before renewing the insurance policy; from any recovery action to revision of the wording.

We are closely linked to Police Authorities thanks to the fact that Mr Nicola Oliva was previously enlisted in the Antiterrorism department of the State police Force.

We can also provide you with statistic reports as regards the level of crime in Italy.

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