Every day, every moment goods are being transported by ships, planes, trains, vans or trucks all over the world.
From initial survey, inventory and value assessment to final salvage disposition and recovery, we offer our assistance in the development of the loss, from its occurrence to its adjustment; by satisfying all adjustment, appraisal and investigation needs.

Cargo losses? Speed and experience are needed here: speed to reduce or block possible consequences of the loss and experience to deal with complex cases in which very often different roles/subjects are involved: owners of the goods, various forwarding agents, owners of the vehicles, drivers, customs officers, etc ...
Considering that in the past Mr Nicola Oliva was enlisted in the Antiterrorism department of the State Police Force, we can always rely on a close working relationships with the Police Authorities.

We will be able to provide the Assured with suggestions and advice concerning the latest security measures in order to avoid any future problems! We can also take care of other aspects of cargo, such as: recovery actions, revision of the wording and investigations.

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